Benefits of Using a Pressure Cooker

If you like to save time in the kitchen, one of your favorite kitchen appliances is mostly likely your pressure cooker.

Since the pressure cooker shortens the time for each dish you make, you can spend your time taking care of other things. However, is saving time is not the only benefit to owning your own pressure cooker? Well, according to professionals in the health and nutrition industry, this is not the only benefit.

So, for those of you who want to know more about your pressure cooker, here are some of the top benefits that you should be aware of today.

1. Saves Time for Meat Eaters and Vegetarians

When pressure cookers were introduced into the mainstream, the primary focus was probably on how quickly Moms could prepare meat for their family. In fact, if you wanted to save time cooking your chicken or a turkey, using a pressure cooker is one of the better choices since it saves time by as much as 70%.

However, as time passed, people found that they could also save time by cooking their vegetables, rice, and other side dishes in their pressure cooker. So, it has already become a staple in the kitchen for meat eaters and vegetarians alike because it saves time in the morning and afternoon so that everyone can take care of other duties in the home.

2. Destroys Lectins and Reduces phytic acid

As mentioned above, saving time is not the only benefit of using a pressure cooker to prepare your meals. In fact, based on information provided by the health and nutrition industry, the pressure cooker is also known for other benefits.

Two of the more notable and beneficial is pressure cooking destroys lectins and reduces phytic acid. For instance, because lectins and phytic acid can have a profound negative effect on your health over time, you can minimize these issues by pressure cooking beans instead of boiling them.

Pressure cooking  actually  preserves  90-95% of  vital nutrients as opposed to boiling. It’s the pressure that cooks the food not high heat.

3. Saves Energy

With the cost of utilities going up and salaries remaining unstable, people are usually doing everything that they can to save money. So, if you are one of the ones that want to make sure that you are saving energy too, you may be happy to know that you may already be doing your part. For instance, the pressure cooker saves energy.

This is especially true since it takes less cooking time to prepare meals, specifically when it is compared to the traditional oven or stove cooking times.

In fact, most professionals in this industry will even say that there is a noticeable reduction in utility cost when you switch to mostly pressure cooking in the home.

If you are not using your pressure cooker every day to prepare most of your meals, you may want to start adding more dishes to your current arsenal of menus now. By adding more meats, vegetables, and other side dishes to your list, you will not only save time and energy but also serve healthier meals, especially because a pressure cooker destroys lectins and reduces phytic acid in the foods that you prepare.